Senior Project 1: Design of an automated door control mechanism for a washing machine

Team Members:
Batuhan Nasuhbeyoglu, Buket Baylan,  Caner Karabekiroglu, Ilim Karacal, Mehmet Ali Tasyurt, Onur Kapucu

In this design project, an automatic cover door opening and closing system for a dishwasher was designed in order to improve the efficiency of rinsing. Design limitations mainly were due to mechanical components, however safety requirements were handled by software and sensors.

A novel mechanical cam design was employed with embedded circuitry to control the dishwasher door.  The main goal was to minimize the cost of the system by using simple actuators and materials.

I was responsible to develop a control system/algorithm and do the feasibility study for the mechanical system.

Check the video to see the integrated mechanical system and its features:

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