Senior Project 2: Object Trackıng In 2D wIth Laser PoInter

ME 461 Mechatronics Term Project with İlim Karaçal and Buket Baylan.

Project team was asked to track an object in planar trajectory. In order to accomplish the task, a simple imaging web camera was used to detect the object the target plane. Object identification is made by color based image processing. Both MATLAB and AForge on C# are used to detect the center of the image. A proportional control algorithm was used to track the center of the object on live image stream.
Once the processing was completed by our software on the computer, corresponding control signal was sent to ME461 Mechaboard with pic 16f458 which drove 2 servo motors. These motors were used to rotate the laser tracker.

Project user interface is prepared using  C# in Visual studio. Image is processed using MATLAB and AForge libraries. Proportional control method is used to track the object.

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