Course Project: Kokoban

This project was done as a course project to improve object based coding skills. Name of the project is a tribute the the game called Sokoban.

C# in visual studio atmosphere was used to design the game. Aim of the player is to reach the orange box. Once the player passes through a box, box is locked, in other words player cannot pass over it again. There exists other box classes such that blue box and locked box. Blue box doesn’t turn into a locked box.

After designing the game, a level map designer is also embedded to game to help players to design their own maps.
Maps are read from the Kokoban.xml file and designed maps are written to the same file in the xml form.

Finally a search algorithm was embedded to solve each map that uses several search algorithms including a* search.

You can test this demo software by unzipping the file and clicking on the kokoban.exe:

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